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School History

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4950 Premiere Parkway 

Bessemer, AL 35022




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Bessemer City High School formerly Jess Lanier High School serves approximately

1100 students in grades 9-12 from Davis Middle School.




A new high school was built and opened its doors in January 2010. With input from all schools and community The name was changed to Bessemer City High School.  With the name and new address the school year began January 2010.  We moved from Jess Lanier High School to the new campus that included an athletic complex consisting of a football stadium, baseball field, and track. 


Jess Lanier High School, named for former Bessemer Mayor, Jess Lanier, opened in September 1970. Due to consolidation, this became Bessemer's only high school in the fall of 1987. Jess Lanier was organized to serve the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades, offering four exit documents- advanced academic, Academic, occupational, and Certificate.


The original facilities has been enlarged twice since 1970, meeting the changing needs of the student population. The first renovation and addition occurred as a result of a fire in December of 1981. This fire destroyed the library. The present library opened in the fall of 1983 at more than double the size the original. In 1988 additional classrooms, a new band room, a science lab, and an art room were added. The lunchroom was also enlarged to accommodate increased enrollment due to consolidation and annexation. The Bessemer Area Vocational Center was located on the Jess Lanier campus. The school's facilities included three computer labs, four science labs, and modem Fine Arts rooms for visual arts, choral, and instrumental music. There were three office suites, a library, a gym, a new teacher's workroom, a special educational facility to teach life skills, and sixty-three classrooms.


Classrooms and offices at Jess Lanier were connected through a system wide networking system with a fiber optic backbone. This state of the art technology allowed for total flexibility throughout the school system. The school was equipped with a telephone network system called "Phone Master" which enabled the school to communicate with students and parents.

Bessemer City High School Library

Hours: 7:45 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday
Hours: 7:45 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday


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Goals of the Bessemer City High School Media Center

To fulfill the mission, the goals of the Bessemer City High School Media Center are

To provide a well-organized search system, readily accessible collection of materials and equipment as will as the technology needed to meet the individual needs of the students and faculty

To provide quality literature which promotes reading and lifelong learning.

To work with teachers in the planning and implementing of the curriculum.

To provide assistance to the students and the teachers who are using the materials

To provide assistance to the teachers to bring the resources of the Library Media Center into the center of instruction.

To provide library skills instruction within the context of the classroom curriculum for freshmen.

To provide access to information and ideas for a diverse population.

To ensure equity and freedom of access to information and ideas, unimpeded by social, cultural, economic, religious, geopraphic or technologic constraints.

To attract more students to use the library.