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Principal's Corner

Bessemer City High School...Where EXCELLENCE is MANDATORY!

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About the Principal "COACH" Reggie Ware

Coach Ware believes that all children can learn and shall be provided daily opportunities that accommodate the learning style of each individual child. He believes that each individual should have an equal opportunity to pursue an education in a supportive, safe and nurturing environment. Children deserve to have a safe and disciplined school, a challenging curriculum, effective teachers and quality leaders.

It is Mr. Ware’s belief to promote parental engagement and community relations. He extends you an invitation to participate in realizing his mission.

Since February of 2012, Mr. Ware has been holding the task of being the principal of Midfield High School.  Under his leadership, test scores has increased along with teacher attendance and school morale. Discipline referrals and fights has decreased tremendously along with parental concerns. Also under his leadership, Midfield High School has several new programs: “Champions Program” which is a Drop-Out Prevention Program, Cosmetology Program, Health Science, Reads 180 Enrichment Program, and several after school academies. The graduation rate has increased from 48% (2012) to over 80% (2014) under Mr. Ware’s leadership. Also, the all computer labs have been updated and every teacher has a classroom set of laptops, IPAD’s, and/or Chromebooks for student usage. With his coaching style leadership, Midfield High School was no longer on the “Failing Schools List” for the 2015-2016 school year.

During Mr. Ware’s first year, 2015-2016, at Bessemer City High School, he spearheaded several changes. These changes included, but not limited to, bell schedule, master schedule, custodian schedule, Tiger Pride Drop-out Prevention Program, Comprehensive ACT and Closing the Achievement Gap Tutoring Programs, several Mentoring Programs, Electronic Marquee, Social Contracts, and a variety of activities to build better teacher and student morale. This yielded a result of: 1) 87.1% of seniors certificated on the ACT WorkKeys; 2) ACIP Goals were met; 3) ACT scores increased (13% benchmark increase in ELA, 4% benchmark increase in Math, 11% benchmark increase in Reading, and 5% benchmark increase in Science); 4) 3% increase in the total number of students that benchmarked in all areas of the ACT; 5) Student/Teacher attendance and morale increased significantly.

Mr. Ware, along with his faculty/staff/students, is prepared to have a better year during the 2016-2017 school year.

Bessemer City High School, “Where EXCELLENCE is MANDATORY!!!”

Bessemer City High School is definitely “The Place to be!”