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Ms.  Judith  Gulley
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  • Alabama State University - Library Certification
  • University of Alabama, Birmingham - Administrative Certification
  • Howard University - Master's of Education, Early Childhood Education
  • Alabama A & M University - Bachelor of Science, Early Childhood Education


I have worked as an educator for 33 years.


I began my tenue as a Kindergarten Teacher and went on to teach second and third grades for the first 14 years of my career.  Having a great love for literature caused me to become a librarian.  I refer to myself as a Media Gypsy because I have had the opportunity to work in a elementary, middle, and high school.  Being a librarian allows me to develop an appreciation of literature in my students as well as assist them in locating information accurately for research.

"When you open a book you open your mind!"

"The journey of a LIFETIME starts with the turning of a PAGE."