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Ms.  Stephanie  McGee
Foreign Language- French
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Subjects Taught
French I, French II


12 years in Bessemer School Systems


 Received my undergraduate degree at The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Secondary Education- emphasis in French.



Vivre le français!!

This course was created to expand your brain! We will be covering numerous topics from foods, cultures, different weather conditions, and basic conversation. Please come in the class ready to be taken to a foreign country! Classroom rules: Bring all supplies (notebook & writing device) to class every day..Failure to do so will result in deductions of average

1.     Stay in your assigned seats


3.     Raise your hand

4.     Keep your eyes on your own papers! Failure to do so will be reported as plagiarism.

5.     Don’t be judgmental..No one likes to be judged, so if you can’t be kind, do not speak at all.

6.     Per State of Alabama Law, any student holding more than ten (10) unexcused absences, per semester, will receive an automatic failing grade for the course..

7.     If you are skipping, proper reprimand will be issued, and the student will receive a grade of zero for the day (keep in mind…this includes tests, quizzes, starter assignments, homework, ect..)

8.     Don’t be late!! Three (3) tardies to class equal one (1) day of material, therefore any 3 tardies will result in one daily zero; class work.

9.     No food, drinks, or candy; with the exception of water

10.                        Absences: If you miss a class, you are responsible for getting the work you missed, as well as turning in an approved excuse to the main office. Your absence must be excused in order for any make-up work to count.

11.                        Come to class in uniform: shirts tucked in, no earrings for boys, no jeans, and you must wear a school shirt!

12.                        Be respectful! No one can accomplish anything without a mutual respect for one another; keep your hands to YOURSELF!!!!!

13.                        Suspensions: If you are “Suspended” out of school, per BCHS handbook, no student shall be allowed to make-up that work; a zero will be granted.

I understand and shall follow these class rules________________________