Media Center

Hours: 7:45 a.m.- 3:45 p.m. Monday - Friday

The library offers an open flexible schedule. Students have access to computers after returning an Acceptable Internet Usage Policy signed by a parent or guardian. We offer library orientation for all freshman students, schedule arranged by their teachers.

Philosophy and Role of the Library Media Center

The Library Media Center of Bessemer City High School seeks to support the philosophy, goals, and mission of the high school. The Library Media Center functions as an integral part of the school's instructional and curricular program. The Library Media Center staff, the teachers, and the principal work together to provide opportunities for the academic and cultural growth of the students.

Goals of the Bessemer City High School Library Media Center

To fulfill the mission, the goals of the Bessemer City High School Media Center are:

  • To provide a well-organized search system, readily accessible collection of materials and equipment as well as the technology needed to meet the individual needs of the students and faculty
  • To provide quality literature this promotes reading and lifelong learning.

  • To work with teachers in the planning and implementing of the curriculum.

  • To provide assistance to the students and the teachers who are using the materials

  • To provide assistance to the teachers to bring the resources of the Library Media Center into the center of instruction.

  • To provide library skills instruction within the context of the classroom curriculum for freshmen.

  • To provide access to information and ideas for a diverse population.

  • To ensure equity and freedom of access to information and ideas, unimpeded by social, cultural, economic, religious, geographic or technological constraints.

  • To attract more students to use the library.

Ms.Judith Gulley

Media Resources for Teachers


Alabama Virtual Library The Alabama Virtual Library provides all students, teachers, and citizens of the State of Alabama with access to the essential library and information resources. The database of resources offered by AVL is numerous. This site is brought to you by the Office of the Governor through the Virtual Library Bill signing, SB-393. has combined contemporary and classic references to come up with the most extensive public reference library on the web. This is a great reference resource online. This site includes dictionaries of quotations with over 2100 entries of references. © 2004

Internet Public Library A provider of library services to internet users. There area over 20 subject collections, to search from in this Internet Public Library. You can also use the ready reference, reading room, kidspace and special collections. School of Information • University of Michigan • Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109. Sponsored by Intel Sun.

Language Arts

The Literature Network This site offers literature online for the student and educator There are over 300 full books and more than 1000 short stories and poems to research from. This site has a database of over 8500 quotes. Site copyright 200-2005 Jalic LLC.


Teacher Aids A wonderful teacher resource site, there are links that would enable you to add “teach notes” to you school web site. This site offers some lesson plan ideas along with power tools and tips. There are many power tools that will help make teaching much easier, and maybe more appealing with ideas used from the power tool section of this site. This site is sponsored by Home office furniture and O'Sullivan, Bush, Powell Studio, RTA.

42eXplore This web project provides four resources to research for each topic. On each page you'll find definitions, activities, the 4 good starting points. This site was created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson , 1/99. Updated, 9/03.


AAA Math This site had hundreds of pages of Basic Math Skills with interactive practices. There are challenging game, randomly created math problems, and math topics. Copyright 2000-2002 J. Banfil.

Cool Math This site is for fun in math with many different aspects related to the subject. There is a math reference area, calculators and games. There are lesson plans, math links, brain benders, helpful hints to become a successful student and careers in math. Copyright 1997-2005 Inc.

Foreign Language

Think Spanish piensa enSpanol. This site is designed to help anyone interested in learning Spanish. It would be beneficial for the beginners to the advanced learner. The site has lessons, daily grammar and other resources. One disadvantage is a lot of register, for free trial offers. ©2005 About, Inc. Espanol A very good web site for Hispanic education for primary and secondary education. This site is offered in the Spanish language format. It features at least 20 reference links of dictionaries, encyclopedias, and fact books. This site is searchable in Spanish. ©2005 All rights reserved.


Science NetLinks This site has four links, one for each of the following: lessons, tools, resources, and benchmarks. There are learning activities for the classroom, and this encompasses k-12 science literacy goals as outlined by the AAAS's Project 2061.The web site has links to other sites that have science related information including AAAS, and marcopolo. © Copyright AAAS 2002.

Yahoo! Directory Yahoo directory has many links. This one to science has a vast array of related information. Exploring this science site is a learning experience. There are many categories with thousands of listings. Copyright © 2005 Yahoo! Inc.

NASA Quest The web site offers many lesson plans. You search for the topic, grade level, area of interest, and other NASA quest. This lesson includes standards from NSES National Science Education Standards, NCTM National Council of Teachers on Mathematics Standards, ITEA International Technology Education Association Standards for Technological Literacy. This is a very resourceful site for educators and parents. Donald James is responsible for NASA Quest, and Mark Leon is responsible for the technologies project.

Physical Education

Physical Education lesson ideas. This physical education web site is a database of physical education lesson and assessment ideas. This site can be searched by title, type, category and equipment. Copyright © 1996-2005, PE Central.