Kitty Hawk Honor Society

CDR (USN) David McCampbell Chapter



1. GENERAL. The Kitty Hawk Honor Society (KHHS) is a national AFJROTC academic honor society that recognizes academic and military achievement by cadets, provides additional leadership/educational opportunities, and encourages excellence. Members of KHHS, once inducted, will wear the KHHS badge on the uniform. KHHS members are also authorized to wear the light blue KHHS shoulder cord, except as specified in paragraph D(2) below.  


A. To qualify for the KHHS one must attain academic excellence in AFJROTC and in overall academic studies, exhibit good character traits, and be willing to accept responsibility. Specific requirements are as follows:  

(1) Achieve a 90 average in AFJROTC during the previous academic quarter with no unexcused missed uniform wear.  

(2) Have an overall average of 80 for all classes with no failing grade in any class during the previous academic quarter.  

(3) Have no out of school suspension for the current academic quarter.  

B. Qualified cadets are invited to participate in a “pledge” program to demonstrate their commitment to excellence. Cadets who are selected for the KHHS and successfully complete the pledge program will be inducted at an appropriate ceremony, where they will receive the membership badge and shoulder cord.  

C. The KHHS may be called upon to participate in various extracurricular activities. Cadets are expected to attend meetings, actively participate in designated projects, and contribute positively to the KHHS and AFJROTC.  

D. To remain in KHHS, cadets must meet the requirements in paragraph 2A and have no more than one unexcused missed meeting during the quarter.   

(1)   Members who fail to maintain standards during an academic quarter will be placed on probation with no privileges lost.  

(2)   Members who fail to maintain standards for a second consecutive quarter will remain on probation for the remainder of the school year, lose their voting privilege, and not be permitted to wear the KHHS shoulder cord.  

(3)   When standards have again been met, the cadet will be reinstated to full membership in the KHHS.  

(4)   Members who fail to meet standards by the end of the school year will be dropped from the KHHS rolls. 



A. The KHHS membership will elect the commander and all other officers (see KHHS by-laws) for the coming school year at the final meeting of the spring semester. All officers must be approved by the SASI. KHAS officers will assume no special rank as a result of their positions in KHAS, but will hold the rank they have in the Cadet Group. 

B. The KHHS will meet at least once per month. A copy of the minutes will be filed in the KHHS continuity folder and a copy will be submitted to the SASI within two school days after the meeting. Include the names of members attending in the minutes.  

C. The KHHS will conduct at least one community service project, approved by the SASI, each quarter. Projects requiring cadet time and energy and which bring visibility to AFJROTC are preferable to those which only raise money. Presentation Color Guard does not count for the KHHS semester service project. 

D. KHHS projects will be fully documented by an after-actions report describing the project, which KHHS members attended/participated, and the results or outcome of the project. Photographs should also be included. 

E. All money collected by KHHS will be turned in to the ASI for deposit in appropriate AFJROTC accounts for use as KHHS operating funds or for distribution to designated charitable groups.